Automatic Packaging Lines and Feeding Solutions   

We supply you with top quality industrial Automatic packaging machines, horizontal and vertical packaging lines , feeding systems with the automation solutions  and turn-key solutions , manufactured according to your desires and requirements .Find out how we can set our experience and passion to work for you . Our Soluations will allowed you to face the future with confidence .

We use the necessary designs and advanced technologies in our  packaging machines to package the products from the customer line according to quality and speed without human intervention. Empathy, one of the few companies to supply automation systems within its own structure, offers versatile solutions with its servo-motorized packaging machines

Packaging Machineries / Packaging Systems:

  • Vertical Packaging Machine (VFFS), flow wrap machines, HFFS Horizantal flowpack packaging machine, multi-head weighers, check weighers, metal detector, xray machine , telescopic conveyor, bucket elevator, spiral cooling, automatic conveying systems, lollipop wrapping, double twist machines, stick pack machines, sachet machines (multi lane and single lane), blister packing machine

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